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If you hadn't figured it out yet, this is where I keep my drawings, doodles, and on very rare occasions, my writings. Feel free to take a look around. Like what you see? Let me know!

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Commissions    are    open!♥

Click here for pricing information!


►What can you draw for me?
I’ll draw just about anything (anime/manga, video games, OCs), but I’m not able to draw the following:
  • Furries (nothing against furries, I just… can’t)
  • Ponies/Animals (same deal)
  • Mecha (no full-on robots, but mechanical parts are fine)
  • Anything offensive (this should be obvious)
  • Vehicles
  • Hentai/Porn (topless is fine on anyone though)
I also reserve the right to turn down any commission offer that I would be unwilling/unable to complete, but outside of what’s listed above, anything should be just fine!

►What do you need from me?
If you’re interested in ordering, I’ll need a reference picture or detailed description of the person/people you would like me to draw, as well as your preferred way to keep in touch with you (email, Tumblr, anything).  

If you’re looking into the palette drawings, I’ll also need a color palette from you.  I usually look at Colourpod to find the ones I use, but you can get them from wherever you like, or even make one yourself!  Just send along the colors you would like me to use.

►How do I pay for these?
For the time being, I’m only able to accept Paypal.  I’ll let you know my account details for that once you message me about placing an order (don’t really want to put my email out for the world to see).  
  • For traditional drawings, I ask for half the payment before I begin, and the other half once I’ve shown you the sketch and you’ve approved.  
  • For digital drawings it’s a little more complicated, so we’ll figure something out through messaging, whatever would be most convenient for you.
(Please note that the prices in the link listed above are per character, and while I would be more than happy to put more than one character in a picture, it would mean paying for another commission.)

►Sounds great!  How do I order?
Go ahead and send me a message, either on my Tumblr or here on my deviantART profile, with information on the person/people you would like me to draw, and anything else you think I might need.  I’ll get back to you ASAP, and you’re good to go!

Signal boosts would be greatly appreciated, I’d love to get the word out~

Thank    you!♥
  • Listening to: Undead Corporation
  • Reading: Judge
  • Watching: Excel Saga
  • Playing: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • Eating: Cupcakes, brownies, whatever ya got
  • Drinking: Over-sweet coffee concoctions


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Erika X.
United States
Hello world! Or... Whatever small portion of the world is actually reading this. My name's Erika. I don't particularly consider myself an artist, but every once in a while I'll draw something, and it usually ends up here. Most of what I draw is original characters that don't really pertain to anything, so... Enjoy?

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